Brief Notes on the BET Awards as I Watch Whatever Video the Website Queues Up Next

Gotta be the weirdest part of the BET Awards: 2 Chainz, A$AP ROCKY and Kendrick Lamar rap “Bad Bitches” along with Drake and Rick Ross’s bleeped-out, disembodied voices. #FAIL

2 Chainz Causing Problems With A$AP Rocky | Videos | BET.

Contrast that–and I mean both the awkward on-stage antics (Rocky’s name sans Rocky is one) and the weird audience posturing/slash/singalong–with the unbridled audience joy that broke out when the homage to Jamaican music started. I mean, who doesn’t smile when “Murder She Wrote” comes on? Shit, mane, India.Arie was singing along!

And then the night’s most authentic swagger–and most comfort with dance moves and lip-synching–comes frome the ladies, Nicki Minaj and Ciara. Ciara, by the way, is my nomination to unseat Chris Brown from his most athletic/best dancer pop singer seat. Plus, you know, she’s…nicer. Also, where can I get those dolla-dolla-bill pants? Love that they’re ONE DOLLAR pants. You know any dude would be wearing hundos.

ALSO Mariah Carey apparently stipulated in her contract that she wouldn’t have to take a single step as long as she hit them high notes, and the choir singing R. Kelly was better than the best episodes of GLEE and NASHVILLE multiplied together then times a hundred, and proof positive of why we still let the man headline music festivals and why the awards producers gave this man SIX MINUTES, which I guess he spent just singing hooks until the clock ran out.

Biggest smile of the evening was Charlie Wilson’s, during the Lifetime Achievement Award tribute to HIM. (He danced even bigger, and more authentically, than Nicki during the Jamaican get-down.)

Kendrick: “They call us the minority.” Then walks Quevenzane out. Precious.

Another thought: Chris Brown’s dancers and 2 Chainz all wore kilts. So, Kanye’s pretty much right, ‘far as his trendsetting is concerned. (NYT)

And best performer of the night? Uncle Charlie himself.

Holla back!

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