Kanye’s not a businessman, and he’s certainly not a business, man

See Kanye West’s Already Sold Out Collection for A.P.C. | Fashionista.

Kanye x APC hoodie via Fashionista.com

Kanye x APC hoodie via Fashionista.com

I almost never shit-talk Kanye, but like, Ha.

Ha ha ha.

Ha ha ha ha ha.


Need a new black hoodie? No? Already got one?

Yeah, me too.

Lately Ye’s been giving a lot of interviews where he proclaims himself the Steve Jobs of dopeness and it got me thinking about his business acumen. But Ye, where’s the businesses? I can’t name one thing he’s done outside music that’s been truly excellent. Albums, music videos, SNL performances, the G.O.O.D. label, guerrilla marketing–all grand. Ye, you’re a genius musician, and marketer, and performer. You’re great at making, promoting, and performing your music. Period. But there’s no Ciroc, Vitamin Water, Sean Jean, Barclay’s Center here, business ventures that are non-musical, that leverage a rap star’s swag and finances into a totally different project. No.

This A.P.C. line is a joke.

Yeezy, hit ’em with a new beat–but please, not anew fashion line. And know thyself! thyself is a genius musician. Full Stop. Just cause you dress cool yourself does not make you Janie Bryant. Or Tom Ford. Sheesh.

Holla back!

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