My 100th Post!

In honor of my 100th post on Hiphopocracy, I would like to throw down the gauntlet and say that so far the best thing about Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience has been the increased radio play of the better songs from all of his other albums. I also would like to place my bet now that, out of both volumes of this album (we hear a second part is to be expected), “Mirrors” will be the only really good song, with two additional decent singles of “Seniorita” quality.



(Have you noticed how all of these songs are about falling in love, but JT doesn’t sound like he’s fallen in love? Just like how those People magazine wedding photos look so staged? Paging Anne Helen Petersen. What happens when a million-dollar star image doesn’t *stick*?  )

I also want to make sure you’ve all read this amazing blog post by Sasha Frere-Jones about Magna Carta Holy Grail.

Finally, let me draw your attention to the previews of two nearly identical movies about a whiteman’s boat being invaded by dark-skinned pirates. Except, one trailer suggests a racist white savior movie starring Tom Hanks’s Boston accent, while the other appears to be a complex critique of capitalism and is, obviously, not an American movie.

In a week I am starting my PhD program in Syracuse’s department of Composition and Cultural Rhetoric. So you can expect many harried blog posts soon about rhetoric, teaching composition, my new freshman Writing About Writing class, and more!!!!!! Thanks for your readership and I’ll see you soon! – Tessa

Holla back!

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