iDialogues: on racism, the Clippers, and what to do now

[like you, I’ve been obsessively following this story for the last two days. what follows is a text message conversation I just had with a friend and major sports fan, supplemented with some of the texts we reference. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts in the comments. -TB]

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via @BuzzFeedNews: “Clippers Turn Warmups Inside Out Before Playoff Game After Owner’s Racism Controversy” photo1

“On Why It Should be the NBA–and not the CLippers’ Leaders–bearing burden of Donald Sterling issue” 



“Obama, Rihanna, Snoop respond to Sterling issue” photo3


David Zirin’s “Donald Sterling: Slumlord Billionaire” 

“Watch the ‘Inside the NBA’ Crew on Donald Sterling”photo4 photo5

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