“All of us were promised a speaking part”: weeks and weeks of what I’ve been reading


In Alternet, Soraya Chemaly’s “The Words Every Woman Should Know,” on gendered speech privilege and disparity.

In Vox, Jeff Chang speaks with Kelsey McKinney on the Beats-Apple deal

In T Magazine, Jody Rosen’s “The Woman on Top of the World,” a great piece about the weirdness of Beyonce.

In Pacific Standard, Jared Keller’s “The Tortured Rise of the American Bro,”
positing bro-dom’s misogynistic homosociality as a hypermasculine response to gay liberation.

In Salon, Brittney Cooper’s “I Was Hurt, ” on black innovation and racist pushback in high school competitive debate.

In The New Yorker, Dave Russakoff’s must-read “Schooled,” on the magical uselessness of the $100 mill Mark Zuckerberg donated to the New Jersey public schools (hint: $20 mill went to consulting firms).

In Slate, Rebecca Schuman’s “Even PhDs Who Got ‘Full Funding’ Still Have Massive Amounts of Debt,” because, you know, grad school.

In The Atlantic, Olivia Blanchard’s “I Quit Teach For America,” with some juicy inside-the-training-room details.

Also in the New Yorker, David Owens’s “Game of Thrones,” on the engineering and craftsmanship that go into business-class airplane seats.

In Vulture, Lynn Hirschberg’s “Shailene Woodley and Brie Larson Are Out to Conquer Hollywood- and Fix It,” which I haven’t actually read yet.

In the New York Times, Rollo Romig’s “Masala Dosa to Die For,” about an Indian food magnate and maybe murderer.

And, last but not least, on Hitfix, Christopher Tapley’s “Meet the Passengers of Bus 2525,” an oral history of “Speed” with wonderful interviews from all the minor cast members.

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