Welcome to Hiphopocracy, Tessa Brown’s online diary for culture, politics, and pedagogy. (You can read more about me on my personal website.) The word “hiphopocracy”  was coined by one of my students in the first First Year Writing course I taught at the University of Michigan. We were discussing a possible paper extension when I explained, “This isn’t a democracy, but I’m interested in your opinion.”

“It’s a hiphopocracy!” one of my students yelled.

What a resonant word. Its connotations swing from hip-hip-hooray to hypocrisy, from the four pillars of hiphop to the gangster mentality 50 Cent and W. have in common. Thanks for joining the conversation here at Hiphopocracy.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. hi, i need help in writing claims, evidence… my professor told me that my writing style is weak. could you help me edit and inform me of any improvements to make?

    if it is possible, could i send u an attachment of my short work?

    • Hi Chloe, Sorry but I’m not available to help you with your writing projects…I have to help my own students! However, your college or university probably has a writing center or writing studio with tutors who are there just to give you this sort of help. I would ask your prof for suggestions on who to visit!

  2. Hi, I am a current First Year student at the University of Michigan who will have to take an English 125 course during Winter Term. Is your “HipHipocracy” course is still available?

    • Hi there, hope you’re enjoying U of M! Unfortunately this is my last semester teaching here in Ann Arbor–I am moving at the end of the semester. But there are lots of great English 125 teachers here in the English department. Best of luck to you!

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